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Steel structure prefabricated warehouses building design in Ecuador steel frame construction factory building price

prefabricated steel structure building
Steel structure prefabricated warehouses building design in Ecuador steel frame construction factory building price
  • Warranty: more than 5 years
  • After-sales service: online technical support, on-site installation, on-site training, on-site inspection, free spare parts
  • Project solving ability: graphic design, 3D model design, overall project solution
  • Application: Warehouse
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
  • Design style: industrial
  • Surface treatment: painted or galvanized
  • Steel columns and beams: Welded H-beams
  • Purlins: galvanized C-section steel
  • Roof and wall material: rock wool sandwich panel, single steel plate. EPS sandwich panel
  • Main frame: welded H-beam
  • Door: sliding door or rolling door
  • Use time: 50 years
  • Structure type: portal steel structure
  • Window: Aluminum alloy window
  • product description

    Ecuador Steel Structure Prefabricated Warehouse Building Design Steel Frame Building Plant Solutions Prices

    We can help you find a steel structure building solution that meets your needs, whether you want to build for a new manufacturing company, an industrial warehouse, or want to expand. All of our steel buildings are constructed from the highest, most durable steels that will stand the test of time. From ceiling lights and skylights to windows and doors, the options are endless when it comes to customizing your steel building.

    Regardless of the size or custom needs of a steel building, Presidential is able to manufacture it to your needs.
    For more information please send me an inquiry. We can provide an accurate quote for your project.
    project name
    steel building code
    main steel frame
    H-section steel beams and columns, painted or galvanized, galvanized C-section steel or steel pipe
    secondary frame
    Hot-dip galvanized C-shaped purlins, steel supports, tie rods, knee pads, side covers, etc.
    roof slab
    EPS sandwich panel, glass fiber sandwich panel, rock wool sandwich panel and Pu sandwich panel or steel plate
    wall panel
    Sandwich panel or corrugated steel plate
    tie rod
    round steel pipe
    round bar
    knee pads
    angle steel
    roof gutters
    Color steel plate
    PVC pipe
    Sliding sandwich panel doors or rolling metal doors
    PVC/Aluminum alloy window
    stud bolts, dense bolts, dense bolts
    According to the packing list made by our engineers
    We can design and quote according to your requirements or your drawings
    detailed image
    Steel structural components:
    Frame structure: The main frame of the industrial plant is composed of H-section steel and C/Z-section steel; according to different regions, different temperatures, and different requirements, the maintenance structure can use single corrugated color steel plate, double color plate + glass fiber reinforced plastic, EPS sandwich panel , Rock wool sandwich panel, PU sandwich panel.
    Aluminum window.
    Galvanized Steel Purlins
    Painted steel columns and beams, paint thickness 100um.
    Single sheet steel panels for walls and roofs.
    Sandwich panel or iron sliding door.
    Warehouse special parts bending plate.
    construction process
    Packaging and Delivery
    Steel should be carefully packaged for adequate protection. Specifically, the main structural materials are generally packed in 40'OT shipping containers, while accessories such as skylights, ventilators, roof panels, and wall panels are shipped in 40'HC shipping containers.
    our service

    3D model.

    3D Building Information Modeling software is used for the detailing of rebar and concrete in the building and construction industry, we make this model for our clients to create and manage 3D structural models of concrete or rebar and guide them through the process from concept to fabrication.

    Foundation Program.

    We provide a basic plan for your project for free. Please do a local geological report

    if you need, we will be happy to send anchor bolts and dies. The groundwork can be done before the production work is done.

    Architectural installation drawings.

    Free installation diagrams for your project. Make erection work clearer and easier.

    Also, we make different markings for each steel member, just refer to the drawings and choose the right one to build.
    Our customers! Airport pickup! Factory tour! Office Discussion!
    Quote Request
    Dimensions: L*W*H_____mm*_____mm*_____mm
    Wind Load (Maximum Wind Speed) _____kn/m2, _____km/h, _____m/s
    Snow load (maximum snow height) _____kn/m2, _____mm
    If it is thermal insulation, it is recommended to use EPS, glass fiber wool, rock wool, PU sandwich panel, glass fiber corrugated steel plate; if not, corrugated steel plate is fine. The cost of the latter will be much lower than the former.
    Number and size of doors and windows_____units, _____(width)mm*_____(height)mm