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Low cost luxury customisable assembled simple folding container houses for hotels prefab house

container tiny modular home
Low cost luxury customisable assembled simple folding container houses for hotels prefab house
1 piece
150piece / Day
  • Warranty: 1 year
    After-sales service: online technical support, free spare parts
    Project solving ability: container tiny modular home graphic design, 3D model design, overall project solution, cross-category integration, other
    Application: villa, container tiny modular home
    Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
    Brand name: HY
    Uses: carport, container tiny modular home, house, kiosk, booth, office, guard box, guard house, shop, toilet, villa, warehouse, workshop, factory
    Product Type: Container House
    Design style: modern
    Product name: container tiny modular home
    Color: customized color
    Size: 2500*5800*2650mm/customized
    Main material: galvanized steel structure + sandwich panel
    Windows: PVC sliding doors with safety bars
    Door: 0.326/0.376/0.426/0.476mm steel plate with lock
    Wall: 0.326/0.376/0.426/0.476mm steel plate
  • Product parameters
    2.5mm thick section steel
    MGO board, waterproof, fireproof (optional fiber cement)
    floor finish
    1.8mm PVC floor (extra charge)
    2.5mm thick section steel
    0.426mm steel plate
    glass wool
    0.25mm steel plate bottom tile
    Carport, hotel, house, kiosk booth office, guard box, guard room, shop toilet, villa warehouse, workshop, factory
    Kona Post
    4.5 Cold rolled steel profiles, galvanized, welded (210mm×150mm)
    wall panel
    50mm/75mm rock wool sandwich panel
    Aluminum alloy window with dimension bar (925mmx1200mm)
    Steel door size (790mmx1970mm)
    Lights, switches, sockets, distribution boxes, circuit breakers and wires
    Automatic galvanized paint spray forming
    Product Details
    Reasonable design
    use strong
    Building materials to build a houseare strong and beautiful!
    Choose premium
    soundproof door
    make you rest comfortable
    bright interior
    Reasonable design
    Completecircuit layout
    Eliminate security risks
    Office meetings can be
    Holds about 10
    ladder handrail
    wooden ladder and
    Aluminum handrail
    solid windows
    Adopt multi-window design
    do indoors
    brighter and warmer
    Product Structure Analysis
    This allows you to understand the materials of construction of each part of the product
    Product installation steps
    The installation steps of such products can be roughly divided into 5 steps,
    As shown in FIG.
    Product Case
    production process
    5 main steps to product production
    1. Bending and forming of raw materials; 2. Manual welding of main frame; 3. Anti-rust spraying of spare parts; 4. Machine welding of spare parts; 5. All accessories are packaged and put into storage.
    Packaging and Delivery
    We use bubble film and anti-scratch film for simple combined packaging to ensure product quality and safety and prevent deformation during transportation.
    Our company is located in the coastal area of ​​China, close to Shanghai, the transportation is reliable and safe, and the cost performance is high. Most of the departure ports are Shanghai Port or
    Ningbo port.
    Q1: Are you a manufacturing factory or a trading company?
    A1: We are both a manufacturing factory and a trading company. You are welcome to visit us anytime. The quality control process and sales team will show you. Our factory is located in the largest supplier modular building production base in China.

    Q2: What are your main products?
    A2: Our main products are prefabricated houses, assembled container houses, folding container houses, flat container houses, sandwich panels and other steel structure materials.

    Q3: Is it difficult to assemble the room?
    A3: Absolutely not. As long as you can use electric tools, you can build a house independently according to the construction drawings.

    Q4: What will the customer offer before the factory offers a good offer?
    A4: You tell us the type, size, quantity, material of roof, wall, floor and other parts of the container house, we will check and give you a quotation quickly.

    Q5: Can you design a new and unique prefab house for me?
    A5: Absolutely! We can not only provide you with construction plans, but also provide you with landscape design! One-stop service is undoubtedly our outstanding advantage.